House Painting Colors and Their Affect on Our Moods

Published: 19th August 2011
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Do you feel bored in your bedroom? Do you feel nervous in your living room? Do you feel lack of self confidence in your house? These questions are most commonly faced by people nowadays. Do you know that paint color in your house plays an important role in deciding your mood? The house painting colors especially interior colors make an astonishing effect on mood, attitude, and thinking patterns. This is because the colors that surround us have a direct psychological impact on our moods.

Painting your room is considered as the lease expensive way to bring life to your room. Most of the people in India choose to get their homes repainted either during Diwali or any other festive occasion such marriages etc. When it comes to their impact on your mood, interior paint colors are considered to create more affect on our moods. Some interior paint colors provide a relaxing effect, while others give a sense of energy. Some colors give a cooling effect, while others have a warming effect.

A large number of people generally prefer applying light colors to the interiors of their homes such as blue, cream, light green, and violet etc. Moreover, these colors make the room look airy and large. On the other hand, colors like red, orange and yellows are bright colors that bring a warming effect to the room. In simple words, these colors promote vibrant energy and positivity. Another set of colors are called earth colors such as beige browns and grays that tend to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

White color gives a calm and peaceful mood to a room. It beings a sense of relax and mostly used in places like hospitals. This color is found to be best for bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, black color is directly related to negativity but can be used to give a trendy look to a room. Nowadays, using black colors is very popular with people love applying it. To add extra style, you can use bright colour furniture with it.

Blue color is one of the house painting colors that create a soothing mood to a room. This color feels cool on your eyes as well. It is a good choice for the master bedroom and bathroom. If rightly used, green color tends to give a calming effect to a room and ideal for any room. In places like pubs, clubs, and sport centres, using red or orange is quite common.

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